Servers affiliated with Xan


This is my public Discord server for people to talk to me! Notifications can be received with life updates, music and other content recommendations, social media posts, & server updates. ✨

Scratch × Discord

I own this server. It's pretty cool! You can get help with Scratch projects, chat with other (big 👀) Scratchers, advertise your content, & play with bots + other usrs. It's pretty large, but with some competition.


A friend of mine founded this coding community. 🧐 It contains a top of resources, like channels for showing others things you've developed, to recieve programming help, or to find websites for improving.

These groups all have roles for notifications, changing your username's color, and some have roles for displaying your pronouns on your profile. They're all moderated to be safe for people ages 13+, the minimum age requirement of Discord.

Xan's Scratch experience

Starting out

I started using the website around ages 6 or 7 when I found a book about coding games in Scratch. I created an account called 152902 and stayed there for a few years, then went to Ani-Xan (created a terrible 'Original Character'), and finally stopped at -Xanimation.

A day of fame

I created a new account called Xancan, but it was promptly banned as I had shared 'personal information' (that was obviously false to the standard user but not as apparent to the moderation). I had done practically nothing on the account, so I moved back to my previous account.
With some ideas taken from my failed attempt, I created a clicker game where with every click, I'd donate a very small amount of money to Ukraine during war with Russia. It got enough attention with a Major Scratcher liking it as to become my largest project ever. (Each click was worth $0.000001 and the button was clicked 5 million times.)

Going silent

Then, I stopped.
(But I'm still running a Scratch server and doing other things closely related to the site. Maybe stay tuned?)